Learn about the benefits of using the Washing Toilet

Hygiene and cleanliness

Deep cleansing without irritating the skin
- which is not possible
using toilet paper.

The best feeling of freshness and hygiene.


Washing hands =
less infectious diseases
transmitted through the skin.

Special care
during pregnancy and after birth.

Pain relief for people
with hemorrhoids and skin allergies.

Help with constipation,
problems with urination,
disease, Crohn's disease,
and others.

Independence and dignity

Help for people who have problems
with mobility and for the elderly.

The Washing Toilet cleans perfectly,
providing proper hygiene
without the help of another person,
restoring a sense of independence and dignity.

Korzyści - Toaleta-Myją

One device instead of the toilet and bidet.

Reducing paper consumption to 100%.

Special technologies and programs
to save water and energy.

Easy maintenance

Instead of installing a bidet and toilet,
you can have 2 in 1,
saving space and money.

Most models can be installed
on standard toilet frame (eg. Geberit),
and the seats or bidet attachements do not require
even change of the toilet bowl!

No paper use
reduces the risk of clogging the toilet.

The technologies and materials
to serve for many years!

Environmental Protection

The use of water reduces paper consumption,
and thus, reduce the consumption of energy,
water and other materials used
in the paper industry.

This is definitely the choice for customers
with environmental awareness.

In times of technological advancements and increased awareness, washing toilet seems to be an obvious step towards improved hygiene.

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