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Together we care for the highest quality of service to our customers!

Toaleta-Myjąca.pl works with leading brands from Europe and Asia.

Each manufacturer strives to provide the best possible service - find more information by clicking on the logo.

Our partners


Toaleta-Myjąca.pl works with leading brands from Europe and Asia,
promoting high-tech toilets,
which will allow you and your family to maintain the cleanliness and health!

Toilet-Myjąca.pl - Internet Service to promote and intermediate sales of Washing Toilets -
- innovative cleaning equipment known in many countries of Asia and Europe, as well as in the United States.

Toilet-Myjąca.pl collaborates with leaders of the European market,
so that the equipment used for years by millions of people around the world could also serve the Poles! 🇵🇱💪

Toilet-Myjąca.pl | New Dimension Hygiene

Major&Maker - Partnerzy Toaleta-Myjąca.pl
BioBidet - Toaleta Myjąca
USPA Logo - Toaleta Myjąca


Geberit - Toaleta Myjąca
Intim Spa - Toaleta Myjąca
Villeroy & Boch - Toaleta Myjąca
Roca - Toaleta Myjąca
Duravit - Toaleta Myjąca
Logo Nowego Dostawcy - Toaleta Myjąca

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